zoi  101

Hardcover, 20,5 x 20,5 cm / 8x8 inches,
92 Pages in colour and b&w. german /english language.
extra Limited Edition of 250 Books, signed and numbered.

Zoi is one of thouse very unique and rare models these days that combines a wide range of special attitudes. As a mixture from Greek and Scottish roots she is a melting pot of two different cultures and mentalitys. Her bossy character is quite refreshing in a charming unusal manner. Beside her perfect proportionate physical attributes and incredible beautiful face with full lips and big, dark brown eyes, she is a very professional and talented model whose posing is breathtaking even in hard conditions. The book is a varied collection of all sorts of outdoor and indoor themes that are exclusively published in the book. Don't miss the golden opportunity to order this very limited edition and place your order today!

Price: € 90,00